What I've learnt about … being an entrepreneur

By Business Chicks | Oct 28, 16 09:35 AM

Dea Manassen, 34, on balancing business, babies and brilliant customer service.

Name: Dea Manassen
Age: 34
Location: Narrabeen
Business: Oscars for Kids
Website: www.oscarsforkids.com

What’s the toughest business challenge you’ve faced, and what did you learn along the way? 
Manage my high expectations I have for myself to build a successful business and being a mum. Time management between family and business is difficult but so important to me. 

What do you wish someone had told you when you were starting out?
You can’t run a business if you don’t understand the numbers. Know your margins inside and out.

What have you learnt about growing a business? 
You don’t need a degree. Have passion, love what you do and have fun!!

What have you learnt about marketing your business? 
Newspapers and magazines are things from the past. Social influencers and bloggers are the best way to get people to know your product. Use beautiful images, and spend your money on an amazing photographer.

What’s one thing no one tells you about being an entrepreneur?
Your mind keeps going. Not the best for getting back to sleep if you wake up in the middle of the night though! 

It can be difficult to focus on other things at times, especially when you have your own high standards to live up too.

Anything else you’ve learnt about entrepreneurship that you’d like to share? Spill below! 
I have a very simple business model so I try to do the simple things just right. The biggest factor being an exceptional level of customer service. The difficult part is trying to juggle my high expectations with motherhood. My kids are 8 and 3 and dare say they don’t really understand the importance of an efficient service and quality experience for all Oscars for Kids customers … but we still seem to find a way to satisfy everybody’s needs … I’m just not sure how!

Dea Manassen is a brilliant Business Chicks Premium member, you can connect with her here.


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