10 tips on how to become a better place to work

By Rebecca Bodman | Jun 22, 12 09:14 AM

Yesterday the 2012 BRW Best Places to Work list was revealed. Here's the top ten things Australia's best places to work do.

Yesterday BRW announced Melbourne-based IT consultancy OBS as top of the 2012 BRW Best Places to Work list. Out of the 291 companies that entered, the top five were all IT companies and this year, more large, multi-national companies featured than the past three years; showing a large workplace is no excuse not to create a great work environment.

Kate Mills, BRW editor says, “OBS has a high level of trust with employees, and a great team environment.  Australia’s best places to work offer everything from massages to gym memberships, days off for birthdays, a voice with management, flexible working hours and more.   There is a lot to learn from how they do business.”

So ... here's what you can do to improve your workplace and hopefully get on that list next year!


1. Offer staff a free day off on their birthday.

2. Allow working from home one day a week where possible.

3. Offer paid maternity, paternity and adoption leave.

4. Be flexible with working hours.

5. More part-time or job-share positions.

6. Wellbeing programs such as gym memberships and free flu shots.

7. Make the workplace family friendly.

8. Offer grievance counselling.

9. Let staff take time off when they need it.

10. Flexible annual leave (offer buyback schemes).

Rebecca is the Marketing and Content Coordinator here at Business Chicks, and of course a Premium member - request her online business card and connect with her here.


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