6 of the best time-saving apps

By Business Chicks | Jun 18, 15 09:47 AM

There are only 24 hours in a day – here’s how to get the most out of them.

1. Any.Do.

Free, Android and IOS

Best For: Disorganised Chicks

Feel like you are losing track of everything happening in your personal life and work environment? Any.do will help to manage your personal goals, family tasks and work projects all in one place by creating to-do lists over numerous different categories. Take advantage of the Any.do moment function and set a time and date to review upcoming tasks. 

2. Pepperplate

Free, Android and IOS

Best For: Food planning

When you’re busy it can be hard to keep track of what’s for dinner each night and what you need to pick up from the store. Pepperplate helps to organise a weekly meal list along with a grocery list, arranged by the way you like to shop for better efficiency! The app also has a recipes log, where you can create or import recipes and have them all in one handy place.

3. Quip

Free, Android and IOS

Best For: Office teamwork

Work more efficiently with your colleagues through Quip, which allows the team to edit the same version of a document or spreadsheet at any time for any device. No longer do you have to email back and forth updated versions, and each document has its own chat thread and task list to discuss changes and ideas. 

4. Timeful

Free, Android and IOS

Best For: Managing schedules and personal goals

Still lugging a diary around in your handbag? Time to upgrade to Timeful and have everything happening in your life all on one easy spot. This nifty  app will suggest where you have time to schedule things, such as a quick trip to the dentist in-between appointments. Who needs a PA?

5. Evernote

Free, Android and IOS

Best For: Gathering thoughts, ideas and notes

This app will quickly become your best friend – Evernote gathers everything that matters in your life, whether it’s notes from a meeting, reminders, expenses, travel reservations … anything you can think of! It also comes with a search function so you can easily find everything you have ever collected. Just to make things a bit easier as well, EverNote can transform any of your notes into a tidy layout if you need to make a quick presentation.

6. Mint Bills

Free, Android and IOS

Best For: Tracking bills and spending habits

Have a habit of overspending on the credit card or forgetting to pay that important electricity bill? Avoid being stuck in the dark with Mint Bills, which lets you know when all your bills are due along with when funds are getting a bit low in any of your bank accounts. With bank-level security, this app also alerts you of any unusual account charges.

What are your favourite time-saving apps? Share in the comments section below!

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Sue Foley
By Sue Foley VIC | Jun 22, 2015, 03:24 PM

I've got my entire family logged into OurGroceries...whenever we run out of something, it gets added to the list. Have run out of room in my head to remember bread, cheese, eggs...word of warning though...the free text option means the family thinks it's funny to order "new girlfriend" for teenage son, or "1 x ed sheeran" for teenage daughter...both not readily available at Coles.Reply

Sara Jenkins
By Sara Jenkins NSW | Jun 22, 2015, 01:48 PM

I love these! I am literally downloading these now. Thanks for the tips team!Reply

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