Can I get a transformation please?

By Jenny Boylan | Jul 09, 12 01:36 PM

Is a small voice within nudging your life in a new or different direction? Here’s how to get a transformation and encounter your amazing self in the process.

“My life is a mess”, a new client said, sounding both exhausted and defeated before she asked half-jokingly, “Can I get a transformation please?”

Over the past few years, her business, career, finances, health and even her marriage had spiraled severely and negatively downward. Where there had once been a pulse, and however faint, her life had now flatlined—and unmercifully, so.

But what was it specifically that caused everything to fall apart?

In a few words, life asked her to become larger. Inwardly, she felt a nudge to follow a dream she had buried deep within to such a point it had become almost invisible. Caught somewhere between the desire for a grander life and the fear she was being grandiose, she wondered, Can I really do this?

Yet rather than respond with an enthusiastic, “Yes,” she balked.  She ignored the “still, small voice” within that told her she could be more, do more and to stop settling for less than her heart’s desire.

It’s that same small voice we ignore, too. Despite our many accomplishments, when it urges us to follow our authentic calling, to step into a bigger life, we pretend not to hear it. We lose all sense of self-proportion and wrongfully consider ourselves small or incapable … as doubt ensues.

We discount, too, the synchronistic events that suddenly appear in our lives, and which suspiciously point us in the new direction we are being inwardly urged to pursue. 

In our small-mindedness, we “hide our light”. We call it modesty when the truth is that it’s something else and far more detrimental to our well-being. For what we are really dealing with is fear.

We mistakenly worry that in following our dream or in attempting to create the life we really want to live, we will end up broke or alone. We fear will may fail and look foolish for believing in ourselves.  If for years we thought our dream was impossible, we may dread the grief that arises when we realise it’s not only possible to live it successfully, but it’s probable too.

We can be so preoccupied with staring at our fear we forget to see the potential for joy, purpose and a sense of fulfillment in a life well-lived are also available to us. And that the only thing life requires is we first say, “Yes.” To the dream. To ourselves. To possibility.

For in saying yes, we soon realise we receive something much more—and much better—than a simple transformation. In the end, just as my client did, we encounter our most amazing selves as we begin to live a life we love that is filled with our heart’s desires.

In addition to being a Spiritual Renegade™, Jenny Boylan is an internationally known success and wealth coach and mentor who teaches her clients how to think differently, so they can live abundantly. For more information about her work, visit


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