5 ways to creatively build your business in 2016

By Pru Chapman | Feb 03, 16 09:00 AM

How you can grow your business and your impact exponentially (without spending a cent!) ...

It doesn't seem to matter which kick-ass, awe-inspiring, game-changing business you're running, this time of year is always a mixed bag of excitement and overwhelm.

Like kids heading back to school on the first day, we’re filled with lofty dreams, audacious goals, and a belly full of possibility, but just slightly nervy about how it’s all going to unfold.  

And just like every slightly nervy school kid, every good business owner knows this; this year is going to be like no other. This year is going to be bigger. Better. Even if we don’t know exactly how.

So harness those nerves, round up your excitement and let’s get to work.

Here are my five top tips to grow your business and your impact exponentially in 2016, and they won’t cost you a cent!

1. Dream big
Yup. This is where it all begins. In the magical place of imagination. Cast off the shackles of ‘no’, ‘not now’, and ‘it can't be like that’, and just dream. Imagine how good it could be, and then turn up the volume. You're not working to anyone else’s clock right now, so get really self-indulgent. Dreams are where every great business, movement, and plight of personal passion begin. In the words of Mr King, “I have a dream” ...

2. Kill your company
In stark contrast to number one? Not quite.

This is where sh*t gets interesting. Imagine that your main competitor made one big move that could bring you down. What would it be? Find the answer to this and you're sitting on liquid gold about what your next move should in the New Year. Here are a few more questions to really get your creative juices flowing ...

If Branson walked into your business, what's the first thing he'd do?

If your company could be known for one great thing, what would it be?

How will your industry be revolutionised in 10 years? How can you fast track your path to get there?

If I gave you $1mil to spend on your company, how would you spend it right now?

3. Nail your full brand concept  
How does your business look, feel, and sound to the rest of the world? Do you swear like a sailor, or are you as well mannered as the teachers pet? Do people feel inspired and ready to take on the world when they find you on Instagram? Or are do they feel the Zen calm of a Balinese massage house?

While the phone is quiet, and your inbox is empty (hopefully), this little slice of space in your time is perfect to get clear on the brand identity of your business. Dig into all your social platforms and be as consistent as your Dad’s bad jokes across them all.

A great brand is consistent, consistency builds trust, and trust leads to more customers. See, there was something to be learned from those jokes!

4. Map that sh*t out
Dreams are just dreams, without a good solid plan. So pull out the butchers paper (Officeworks $12) a bunch of your favourite Artlines and get busy!

Channel the detailed eye of your eighth-grade English teacher and get specific about your milestones, plan out your weeks and even how you want your ideal day to play out.

5. Get yourself some new business besties
We've all heard the saying that your net worth depends on your network, and there’s certainly some truth to this. So here’s a question for you; who would it absolutely blow your mind to work, collaborate and hang out with in 2016?

Be ballsy, aim high, and make LinkedIn your new tool of trade. They say you become the average of the five people you spend most time with, so make sure your business besties are exactly who they need to be.

Getting these nailed will give you the laser sharp focus of a dog at dinner time, and ready to take on 2016 with gusto.  Enjoy the process (because business is there to be enjoyed) and get more creatively engaged. I guarantee that 2016 can be the best year you've ever had.

Pru Chapman is a psychologist, business coach and runs her own business Owners Collective, a digital business and lifestyle hub that specialises in helping early stage entrepreneurs turn great ideas in to business ideas. Pru is a Premium member with Business Chicks; request her business card and connect with her here


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Kemi Nekvapil
By Kemi Nekvapil VIC | Feb 05, 2016, 08:20 PM

Fantastic! such a valuable piece and so different to the usual build your business advice. Loved it Pru, thank you. I hope we will see more of your writing here. :)Reply

Mirna Pilla Widholzer
By Mirna Pilla Widholzer NSW | Feb 04, 2016, 07:03 PM

Loved it! Reply

Alexandra Andre
By Alexandra Andre VIC | Feb 04, 2016, 06:18 PM

Great article Pru! Some really solid - well balanced tips in there. Thanks for sharing them, Alex.Reply

Pru Chapman
By Pru Chapman NSW | Feb 04, 2016, 08:02 AM

Creative thinking totally lights my fire, so I got an absolute thrill to be featured here! Thanks Business Chicks, and if only a croissant would really last that long on my desk..... Pru Reply

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