How to use social media like a supermodel

By Danielle Williams-Smith | Jan 14, 16 11:38 AM

Read how the new breed of 'It Girls' are building their empires, one Instagram post at a time.

Whether your foot is firmly planted in the ‘old school’ or the ‘new school’ camp when it comes to sales and marketing, there is no denying that social media plays a huge role in engaging customers and clients with your brand. Whether you’re using it to generate new followers, establish yourself or your brand as an industry leader, or purely to promote something, social media is an incredible platform to connect your brand with a wider audience.

The media landscape is evolving quicker than ever before with digital quickly eclipsing more traditional media formats – it’s no surprise that a lot of the media we consume today comes to us via social media on a smart device. 

Just as the media landscape is changing, so too is the world of high fashion. Where models such as Christy, Naomi and Kate (who famously never gives interviews) built their brand on the runway, the new breed of It Girls are building their empires one Instagram post at a time.

Whether it’s sharing quirky selfies (@caradelevingne), backstage snaps of runway shows (@kendalljenner) or making you envious of her #girlsquad (@gigihadid), these models have amassed followings lager than the population of Australia and brands are chomping at the bit to work with them.

So, what can we learn from these socially savvy models who have turned self-promotion into an extremely lucrative art form? 

Share something ‘behind the scenes’
When Gigi posted a video of her gruelling training regime for the upcoming Victoria's Secret runway show, she became the talk of social media. Did it ruin the illusion of the perfect supermodel? No, it gave women the world over a true appreciation for how hard she worked to prepare for the show. Don’t be afraid to share a little behind the scenes of how you make your magic happen. Not only will this strengthen your connection with your audience, it’s a great storytelling tool – everyone loves a before and after!

Be authentic
Cara is truly the queen of authenticity. She may be one of the world’s highest earning models, but she hasn’t forgotten where she comes from. If something isn’t 100% you, then don’t post it. Social media may only be a digital curation of real life, but it still needs to represent your values and beliefs. 

Know your platform
Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat … gone are the days when one message or even one image will work across all your social platforms. No one quite gets this as well as the unrivalled queen of social media, Coco Rocha. Coco was the first model to truly leverage social media to establish her career. She is extremely articulate and has become known for her body-issue activism with The Model Alliance and for recently advocating legislation protecting child models. Rocha (with the help of her manager husband) has truly mastered the art of cross-platform messaging, tweaking her posts from short form (for Twitter), to image based editorial (Instagram) and behind the scenes content (Snapchat) to amass millions of followers.

The key lesson to learn from Rocha? Take the time to understand what format works on which platform. Analyse your posts to see what does and doesn’t work for you. There are excellent free tools available to help you do this: 
Iconosquare is great for Instagram, Twitter offers free analytics for all accounts and Hootsuite will help you see what is trending and what your audience is saying about you. 

Do you have any great social media tips? Share them with us below! 

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