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By Business Chicks | Nov 22, 16 09:43 AM

When Tina was diagnosed with breast cancer, she had to relearn everything … including how to love herself.

Name:             Tina Doueihi
Age:                45
Location:         Sydney, Australia, and online
Business:        Red Fern Lingerie
Website:         www.redfernlingerie.com

I have struggled with confidence my entire life and that is the honest truth. I believe that I started to become confident, with some help from Oprah, and self-help books, in my late twenties and early thirties. Unfortunately, when I was 37 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and all my non-confidence issues resurfaced, and I had to restart working on my confidence again.

Oprah gives me confidence. Through watching her show and reading her columns, I learnt that it is okay to be me. I also love to have a great laugh with my friends, and I always feel fantastic after a workout.

Confidence comes from within. Too many times we seek approval from the outside – our family, our work, our relationships.  When we are truly at peace with ourselves, our confidence will shine through and we will be capable of anything.

Remember, you're fine just as you are. I would also say that it is okay to seek help from a life coach or other professionals in this area … just be prepared that you will go really deep into yourself which will reveal why you are lacking confidence and be ready to do a lot of homework to make the change.

Breast cancer affected my confidence in a big way. Some people are born confident and many learn to be confident. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had to relearn everything. I didn’t recognise myself physically; my body and appearance changed from surgery and chemo. Treatment left me unfit and my confidence was shattered.  I was not the person I was before my diagnosis and I no longer trusted my body – double whammy! I have been working on myself since; everything from exercise, counselling, kinesiology, meditation. Creating Red Fern Lingerie has helped me reclaim the confidence in my body, self and soul. By creating a brand that truly understands my sister survivors brings me joy to see women feel fantastic again.

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