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By Business Chicks | Nov 08, 16 10:02 AM

Bridget Ditte, founder of Butchers Daughter, gives a shoutout to the sisterhood.

Who is the wisest woman you know, and what have you learnt from her? It would be my sister, Emma Barry. She is a thinker, and her head sense is astonishing. There is no other woman in my life that can pull me into line like her. It is how you react to a situation that makes you aspiring. She tells me how it is and is very real about every situation, whether a business, or personal one. Her business acumen is outstanding; starting her company in 1994, I call upon her daily to talk about my clients, her clients, marketing ideas, my random concepts, and everything in between, she gives great advice and she teaches me something new, every time we talk. Emma is a civil and commercial landscaper providing services from design to construction. She is incredibly smart and she has taught me the fundamentals of running a good business and how to engage with good people.

What’s the best piece of advice a female friend has given you? Slow down. I get it constantly from Clare, Deb and Jo, all the women in my life … but it’s true, it’s great advice, and I am just learning from it, now. It is important to slow down, it’s healthy and it allows you to smile, breathe a little and plan more. It’s good for business, happiness and gives me quality time to spend with my amazing and incredibly talented circle of girlfriends.  I would not be here without any of you, because you taught me to slow down.

Are there any female leaders/mentors you’ve learnt from? What have they taught you? Within my career there are three women that stand out to me as mentors: Susan Sullivan, Mandy Foley and Beverley Parker.  All three women have taught me how to run a business, how to network and how to be graceful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

What have you learnt about women supporting other women? I have met so many butchers’ daughters since starting my company Butchers Daughter, from all over Australia; it has been overwhelming with the amount of calls I have had from woman butchers, and I have loved talking to them all. My mother was a butcher, as was my father. From talking with these women I have learnt how very important it is to support, from within your field of interest, not just your industry, but all that makes up the holistic offering to the customer. My field is catering and floristry within the events industry, and I touch on every trade, service or product imaginable, so I have learnt to support those industries too, not the obvious, but the people that make the hardware for what we present our food and flowers on. We chose to deal with the best of the best in their field and we support their quality. Beyond social-media liking, we invite these people into our lives, our world and become friends, from there, both businesses benefit, from collaboration. 

What is the single biggest lesson you’ve learnt from another woman? Everyone has a story to tell. But it is how you react to the situation within, and outside yourself, how you remember it, and if you really need to tell that story again. Staying in the past nothing changes. Learning to move on is hard, but it’s great. I learnt from the dearest woman in the world to me, how to forgive, without forgetting, and it makes me feel good. I choose to be happy, and I am, in my life, and my business, purely by learning how to forgive and teaching myself how I want to remember.

Anything else you’ve learnt from other women that you’d like to share? Spill below!
Network, then network and network some more, online and offline, write letters, drop in and say hello, pick up the phone, text, email, message on social and send pictures, Snapchat. Each time I network, I am meeting more and more female entrepreneurs, from doll makers to concrete hardware designers, and it is teaching me about the value of my financial investment I put into networking. The value of your networking investment is how much you invest yourself into it. Research, who will be there, look good, have business cards and speak genuinely about your business, theirs, and see if your services can collaborate. We are all there for the same reason so invest in your investment.

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